Bass Fishing – America’s Outdoor Sport

Since its inception in the late 1800s, bass fishing has been an exciting sport that captured the attention of many anglers. In the early part of the 19th century, sport anglers in the United states mostly confined themselves to trout and salmon fishing with fly rods. Bass fishing was mostly done for sustenance at that time, using poles and live bait. Because of this, bass fishing in the United States evolved almost entirely without influence from Europe’s sport fishing tradition.

The working class history of bass fishing shows in the traditional baitcasting reel that is the most popular among bass anglers. These reels store line on a revolving spool, reeling it back up via a handle, usually mounted on the right hand side of the reel. Bait casting reels allow for more delicate placement of bait and lures, but traditionally require more finesse to use because of the danger of overspinning the reel and tangling the line. These reels are also capable of using a heavier line than spinning reels.

While the mention of bass fishing may give you visions of cartons of squirming night crawlers, most bass anglers now use artificial bait. Common artificial baits include buzzbaits (an artificial bait with propeller type blades that churn the water on retrieval), spinner baits (baits similar in shape to an open safety pin with a hook) and plastic or rubber representations of live bait. In the latter case, particular colors may work best on any given day. These artificial baits have the advantage of not needing to be kept alive, or purchased just before a fishing trip. Artificial baits also come in a wide variety of colors to make them more appealing to fish and more difficult to lose.

Beginning bass anglers are recommended to start out in small ponds. These smaller fishing grounds will tend to contain smaller fish, but are excellent practice grounds before moving on to larger lakes. Wherever you fish, you will find that bass love to play hide and seek. They are often found lurking near structures and obstacles in the water, such as boat docks. If these are not available, places where water and plants change, such as the transition between rocky pond bottom and sand, or the transition between types of pond weed, can be good places to look for bass. Time, practice, and luck will land you your perfect bass. Once you hook your first quality bass, you too will catch bass fever.

Healthy Outdoor Sport

There was a time when I did not know how to relax and just let go of my tensions. My mind was wired and tightly knotted with anxiety and stress. I had to find a way to get this negative, twisted ball of energy out of me, or face the threat of passing on from this life as my avenue of escape. Luckily, I found a hobby which turned out to be a blessing as it was a healthy outdoor activity and sport which changed my life for good. It’s ironic that I hadn’t done this until living in Japan. I’m originally from the State of Hawaii, but I never did experience fishing, although all the islands are surrounded by the big blue Pacific Ocean. I have an uncle and two cousins who have their own boats for tuna fishing. They even passed by my house when they headed out to the ocean, but I never had the urge to join them.

One fine day my wife suggested that we try fishing. As a little girl she went along with her father on river fishing excursions. He was an avid fisherman who taught her well and even made fishing poles that were just the right size and weight for her. The prospect of spending hours trying to catch some fish did not immediately excite me, But spending time together seemed like a good idea, so I decided to give it a try..

We lived quite a distance away from the ocean in Tokyo, so we did not start with salt water fishing. A couple of days after talking about fishing, my wife surprised me with fishing gear, complete with rod, reel, line, and accessories to include a fishing cap, which I did not use at the onset. I had no real idea what they were, but she told me that we were going to catch some Black Bass using rubber worms, jigs, and lures. The good thing about this was that there was a popular bass fishing area which was only a 30 minute drive from our home.

As it turned out, the bass were not so difficult to catch. There were even days when too many bass ended up on our hooks. I quickly noticed that I forgot all about my worries and frustrations while fishing. The only things on my mind were getting a bite and hooking up after a hit. I also realized that I was enjoying my work a lot more because of my new interest, as I used fishing as a reward for being diligent on the job.

We eventually moved out of Tokyo to an area called Shizuoka Prefecture. This brought us very near the ocean. Although that meant no more Black Bass fishing, this was not a problem at all. Our true fishing adventures were really about to begin!

I have immensely enjoyed this activity from the beginning. I truly believe that with fishing, I have found a healthy, outdoor sport which I can enjoy for a lifetime!

Different Types Of Outdoor Sports You Can Learn To Love

Anyone can become a great athlete.  Since there are many sports this world has to offer, you just have to select one or two and maybe find time to practice and love the sport.  All you really need to do is to practice, be determined and dedicate your time as well as your life so you will achieve success.  It may take some time to fully gain knowledge about the certain type of sport the same as how it takes some time before you will know how to properly use the dog tazer since training still needs to be done.  But as time passes by, you will later see the benefits and how it has greatly changed your life.

Engaging in sports brings out a lot of health benefits.  If you want to stay physically fit, why not engage in sports.  It is exercise, fun and adventure all packed in one.  Your time is never wasted most especially your effort.  You can choose any sports in these two categories namely indoor sports and outdoor sports.  From the word itself, indoor, this means sports that are played inside gymnasiums. Outdoor on the other hand are sports that are played outdoors like in fields, tracks, in the wide sea, anything under the heat of the sun. 

Outdoor sports are for individuals who are in search of fun and adventure, for individuals who want to feel the intense adrenaline rush and for individuals who want to be involved in extreme type of sports. You can choose among the wide variety of outdoor sports if you too want to experience fun, adventure, thrill and excitement.

Canoeing is one type of outdoor sport.  This is very much suitable for those individuals who love nature and those who love the cool splash of the water.  This type of sport helps build endurance, muscle strength and cooperation. 

Skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding are other forms of other sports.  This is most commonly played by young adults in any parts of the world.  When you choose this sport, you should be prepared with important gears and equipment and must have gymnastic skills.  Balance is important in this type of outdoor sport. If you do not know how to balance well, you will easily fall off and might acquire injuries.  Extra precaution is instructed to all the players.

Field games such as soccer, rugby, football, softball are also fun and exciting outdoor sports.  They all help build muscle strength, improve body systems like the respiratory and cardiovascular system since this involves running.  It decreases the risk of hypertension and most of all, allows the body to move well.  The young and the old can play this type of sport. Intense adrenaline rush can also be found here since there is great pressure between the two teams.

Mountain climbing and cycling are great outdoor sports. You will definitely enjoy nature while you are playing this type of sport.  Both the body and mind are working in this type of sport since you have to think well as to how you can defeat your opponent.  Speed and determination is put to a test the same as how the mini stun gun is also tested for its immobilizing capacities despite of its miniature size.

There are still plenty of outdoor sports that you can choose from. It is just up to you as to what you love most and you think best fit your skills and capacities.  An athlete only becomes an expert once he undergo tight training and is determined to learn the type of outdoor sport he has chosen.